About us

We are a leading multidisciplinary team in the comprehensive treatment of baldness, nationally and internationally recognized, always innovating for our patients.

Our experience does not go only in specialized medical treatment, we want you to see what 2RMD can do to change your life. Magic starts here.

The team

Our team is made up of Dermatologists, instrumenters, nurses, all to give you the best experience in hair restoration. Under the leadership of Dr. Rene Rodríguez, a dermatologist, an internationally recognized specialist in the treatment of baldness:

Member of the World FUE Institute

Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Expert in hair transplantation by follicular units from the Speranzini Clinic (Sao Paulo Brazil)


We are in the City of Bogotá – Colombia, we have the latest technology in equipment to offer the best experience.

Social commitment

2RMD as a Mission has supported different foundations that serve patients who have had trauma or treatments in which they have lost their hair, eyelashes, etc. People who lose their self esteem and due to their condition cannot access restorative treatments. We give a comprehensive treatment to your problems.

2RMD supports planet sustainability, with a policy of energy saving and, if possible, zero use of plastic in our processes, providing a grain of sand to our future generations.

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