Beard and mustache transplant

Beard and mustache bolster a man’s image and have become an effective procedure to cover face scars generate by acne or burns.

However, due to genetic predisposition or external factors, many men cannot grow beard; for this cases, Rene Rodriguez MD provides you a solution to project that masculine appearance that you wish to achieve.

Patient profile:

Procedure developed for perfectly healthy men over 20 years old.

Preparing the donor zone

In order to satisfy this increasingly frequent need, an ambulatory procedure which requires local anesthesia is performed. Although each case is particular and the surgical plan is decided together with the patient, the technique used is  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) 2rmd method.

This requires to take, one by one, each of the grafts that are to be placed in the beard or mustache. The grafts need to be placed in the right angle and the exact direction in order to achieve truly natural results. It takes around 2000 to 3000 follicular units to cover an entire beard, and around 500 FU for covering only the mustache.

Placing the micro-grafts

The implanter is the ideal instrument to place the grafts, since it allows great versatility when placing them in the right angles and directions, taking into account the anatomic demands in these areas.

Later, weekly follow-up sessions are programmed during the first stage, and according to the patient’s needs.

Follow-up care and results

Hair grafts are placed using the implanter, one by one. The needle used with the implanter has a diameter of 0,65 mm. This allows recreating the recipient zone with an original density. This procedure is painless and does not involve any temporary physical or visual disabilities.

There might be a small, temporary cheek swelling the day after the surgery, and some scabs will appear on the micro-grafts, which will disappear around 5 to 7 days later. Hair normally falls within the first month after the surgery, but the hair follicle remains under the skin. The follicles will grow after the third month and results will be visible after 5 to 8 months.

Since hair is taken from the scalp it will grow faster than hair beard do.

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