Eyebrow transplant

The eyes are the center of attention

face and are framed by the eyebrows. The eyebrows give expression to the look and according to their shape, they can convey various moods: joy, sadness, anger, seduction.

The eyes lose their expression and life

When you have few eyebrows or they have been partially or totally lost. When a person loses them, they look for some method to camouflage this defect. She frequently uses eyebrow pencils, but she must be aware all the time that the makeup does not run with sweat or water; and that when you give a hug or a kiss, do not stain the other person. Going into a pool or thinking about it, and when they get up, the first thing they want is to put on makeup. They become slaves to the pencil.

Others resort to more extreme and definitive measures

how are tattoos. These completely unnatural tattoos lend a weird and coarse expression to the look.
With some frequency, they are placed in a different position than normal, making the situation even worse.
The definitive solution for people who have partially or totally lost their eyebrows is follicular unit reconstruction. This procedure has been carried out for several years with great success, offering natural results and has become the best option for people who want to improve the appearance of their eyebrows, or recover them when they have lost them. It is a completely personalized procedure that only requires local anesthesia, it is painless and effective. You do not need disability. The results, which are completely natural, you will notice from the third month and are for a lifetime.The quality of life, self-esteem and self-confidence of people who have undergone this treatment have radically improved. The physical change is minimal compared to the inner change. This procedure can also be applied to reconstruct the eyelashes, beard, mustache, sideburns or any desired hairy area. The follicular unit eyebrow reconstruction procedure is a simple and advanced method that can last 2-4 hours and does not require medical leave.

Expression design

It is the most important step of the entire procedure because it is here where the position and shape of the eyebrows will be defined. This will be determined depending on the features of each patient and her expectations.

Preparation of the area where the grafts will be taken

Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and the grafts are extracted using the long hair technique.

Then, our assistants divide the grafts to obtain micrografts that contain a single hair, since in the eyebrow there is only one hair for each pore unlike the scalp where more than one hair per pore can come out

Sowing the micrografts

The sowing of the grafts in the eyebrow demands many details. The hair must be positioned as parallel to the skin as possible and the direction must be correct. When extracting long hair from the donor area, it will guide us to determine its proper positioning.

The size of the implanter needle that we use has a diameter of 0.65mm. This allows leaving an original density in the area to be treated, be it the head, the body or the tail of the eyebrows. The procedure is not painful and does not cause physical or visual disability.

The patient will perceive the result immediately at the end of the procedure.

On average, 200 – 400 follicular units are required to rebuild a full brow. The holes must be at the right angle and direction to achieve true natural results.

The day after the surgery there may be a slight swelling in the eyelids that will be temporary, some scabs will appear on the micrografts, which will fall off between the 5th and 7th. day. The hairs generally fall out during the first month after surgery, but the hair follicle remains inside the skin. This is activated at the 3rd month of the surgery and between the 5 – 8 month the results are seen.