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We are the first Colombian Dermatological Clinic dedicated to hair transplant and restoration

Our team is directly trained by Dr. René Rodríguez, with special skills to perform grafts, using high-resolution microscopes, guaranteeing optimal quality grafts.

Hair Transplant

What we do in a hair transplant is to relocate the follicular units or grafts to be later implanted in the recipient areas where there is total or partial loss of hair Read more...

Beard Transplant

The beard and mustache are not only elements with which men enhance their image, they have also become an effective alternative to cover hairless areas Read more...

Eyebrow Transplant

The definitive solution for people who have partially or totally lost their eyebrows is follicular unit reconstruction Read more...

Non-Surgical Treatments

The 2RMD Method is made up of a series of non-surgical treatments that will help you regain the quality of your hair. Read more...

Hair for everyone!

Do not resign to baldness. Contact us!

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