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Beard and mustache transplant

In our clinic, hair transplant is performed in the beard and mustache by follicular units using the FUE 2RMD method

The beard and mustache are not only elements with which men enhance their image, they have also become an effective alternative to cover hairless areas and facial scars, such as those generated by acne or burns.

However, due to genetics or external factors, many do not grow hair in those areas; for these specific cases, 2RMD provide the solution for that manly look, that our patients want to have.

Patient profile:

Procedure developed for men over 20 years of age, in perfect health condition.

trasplante-barba-1 trasplante-barba-2

Preparation of the area where the grafts will be taken

To meet this increasingly frequent need, an outpatient procedure is performed using local anesthesia.  Although each case is different and the surgical plan is decided with the patient, the FUE 2RMD Follicular Unit extraction method, is generally used.

Hair by hair, each of the scalp and neck grafts are taken.  From this donor area, the follicles will be extracted and relocated to the face, exactly in the beard area (cheeks, chin, mustache, lock).

The grafts must be seeded with the precise angle and the exact direction to achieve true natural results.

Advantages of the FUE 2RMD method

Beard for everyone!

Do not resign yourself to baldness. Contact us!

How is a hair transplant performed?

Natural results that change lives!