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Hair Transplant

In our clinic, hair transplantation is performed by follicular units using the FUE 2RMD method

What we do in a hair transplant is to relocate the follicular units or grafts (natural groups of 1 to 5 hairs that are taken from the donor areas) to be later implanted in the recipient areas where there is total or partial loss of hair, which generally they are on the scalp, eyebrows and beard.

In summary, hair is taken from where there is a greater quantity and quality of follicular units (donor area) and transplanted to where they have been lost (recipient area).

Follicular units do not multiply or renew themselves, for this reason it is very important to make an evaluation, diagnosis and an operative plan for an adequate management of the donor area, since hair, being a non-renewable resource and of limited number, offers us Individual treatment alternatives for each patient, taking into account that it is necessary to leave a quantity of hair so that these procedures are imperceptible and to leave a reserve for future procedures if necessary.

What is the FUE 2RMD method?

The FUE 2RMD method consists of maximizing the resource of the donor area so that the depopulated areas are seen with a good density, these operative strategies are individualized based on the patient’s expectations and the evaluation of the donor and recipient area of each case, offering an implantation line design appropriate to the age, degree of baldness and donor capacity of each person.

For the assessment and proper management of these valuable resources, we use state-of-the-art tools that allow us to evaluate important parameters such as:

Advantages of the FUE 2RMD

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How is a hair transplant performed?

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